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Net New is Lexicon’s weekly newsletter focused on all things related to up-leveling B2B Sales’ business acumen and ability to secure strategic revenue commitments from the C-suite.

This is about capital allocation selling, the other, rarely taught half of revenue acquisition…the “heads” to the budget-based selling “tails” of the revenue coin.

As this motion is both difficult and underserved, Net New seeks to shed light where there is little and feed our execution wherever possible, at least until the Glengarry leads are finally handed out (forgive me).

Here, you will find knowledge, insight, language, humor, honesty and, when required, some necessary heresy with respect to the sales orthodoxy with respect to this motion.

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This newsletter is for B2B sales professionals who aspire to communicate, think, and act like the C-level executives with whom we are expected to engage, guide, and secure strategic financial commitments.